Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i can sew!

My in laws gave me a sewing machine at Christmas time and I was initially freaked out about actually having to sew something.  Our first project together was to hem the boys show curtains (some muslin I had wrapped around a garden stake and suspended in a doorway to create a "backstage" area).  That wasn't too tricky so the living room curtains came next.  With much help I managed to sew some straight (neatly pinned and pressed) lines. Yippee!  

My mother in law sewed the birthday crowns and, at the time, that seemed like something I'd never be able to do.  But recently I gave it a go for a friend's daughter's birthday and it turned out great (just a little big).  I even managed to sew on a felt initial and it looks pretty good.

I made myself a tote bag last week (photo above), and turned a cool 4 square tea towel (a Christmas gift) into a new plastic bag dispenser (although we hardly use plastic bags these days).  
The best thing is that I've been going to a sewing night class which forces me to sew for two hours a week.  It's pretty free form.  You bring a pattern and some fabric and go for it.  If you get stuck you ask the teacher for help.  Everyone else is making clothes.  So far I've made the birthday crown, various bags and kids aprons.  I'm considering signing up for another term :o) or maybe just getting all the junk out of the spare room so I can call it my sewing room for a while.

Tote pattern in this book.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kumara volcanoes

#2 is very excited about his tea.  Well wouldn't you be if your mashed kumara turned into an erupting volcano and a dinosaur was on your plate?

Friday, March 20, 2009

eco boy

 On the way to kindy yesterday morning, #1 said "mummy can you get us some bags so we can clean up our neighbourhood?".  

Once, several months back, we collected rubbish on the way home and he decided it was time to do it again.  We filled a bag with recyclables and three with other rubbish.  It felt like a good thing to do.  I made sure no one picked up food scraps or tissues, and that we all washed our hands well when we got home!

I must say that the walk to and from kindy is much nicer without all the rubbish.  I still find it hard to believe that people care so little about the places they live in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

look mum I'm five!

Playdough is always a hit around our place.  It wasn't that long ago that this almost five year old was a sensitive toddler that wouldn't touch the stuff.  I made up some new playdough last weekend.  It wasn't quite this colour honest!   I gave the boys wee wooden craft sticks, cupcake moulds and number cutters to play with. There were many rounds of "happy birthday" and blowing out of candles.  #1 was particularly keen to celebrate his 5th birthday so all of his cakes had to have a number five on them.  Later in the week we had the playdough out with some googly eyes.  It was pretty cute.  It has also been a hide out for various dinosaurs.