Monday, June 15, 2009

the big school visit


Last week we had our first school visit. We bought him a massive new backpack and a SpongeBob lunchbox.

It turned out that there were about twenty kids visiting that day! That means twenty kids starting in the new entrants classes in the next six weeks or so... that's a lot! Four of them are friends from kindy which is nice.

It all went well, they had a bit of time on the mat talking about the school day and a tour of the school with the (very sweet) teacher. An alphabet craft activity, a story and a play in the playground. We went out for morning tea afterwards with one friend and her mummy. It was an exciting morning all round. Look at that grin... he can't wait to be a schoolboy.


  1. Oh, if only he knew how many years he has to go there for! Yes it all rather exciting and nerve wracking at the start. I hope he enjoys himself and settles in well. Lovely that he has a nice teacher, always helps Mum with the transition too. Good luck for when he starts school for real.

  2. How has number #2 felt about #1 going to school? He's probably going to be feeling very lonely once #1 has gone.


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