Saturday, June 13, 2009


He turns five next month. He loves to read, talk on the phone, play with his friends and his brother, ride his bike, climb trees, listen to audio books, play imaginary games, play on the computer, take photos, write letters, get mail (even better), cook, build lego, draw pictures, dress up, watch tv (SpongeBob is the current favourite) and play board games. He also seems to enjoy grizzling, sulking and crying at the moment. Not so much fun for the rest of us! Perhaps it's part of growing up, I imagine it might be a little stressful for him too. Fingers crossed it'll pass soon.

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  1. Hey Meg, He's a lovely little pukeko! One of the sweetest little almost-five year old I know. The photos are great; I will use them later in the week (and link back to you for credit); Winta's mum is fine about using her pic. xx


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