Monday, August 31, 2009

junior gamers

We have always loved games in our family. B and I were very much into video games as kids (before we knew each other) and together in our pre child days. In fact I imagine that we'd still be playing them these days if we had more time and less to do. But parenting has it's own joys. One of which is seeing your kids mature and embrace some of your passions as their own.

Although the video games are gathering dust these days (mostly because I don't think they don't do the boys much good), our extensive board game collection is not. We adults play games at least twice a week. In fact B is upstairs waiting for me to get off the computer to play Dominion (our newest acquisition). We have a wide range of European games which are so different from the ones I grew up with and loved (candyland, game of life...). Many of them are age 10+ so the boys aren't quite able to join in yet. Carcassone, Hey That's My Fish, and Mancala are a few we've all played together recently. #1 and a friend played Mancala for ages the other day. She taught him a version called "stealers", I'll have to get him to teach it to me :o) Half of the appeal is the lovely stones you get to play with.

When the boys are a bit older we can't wait to have a regular games night with them.


  1. Grandpa7:21 AM

    Playng games is great family time - I like Mancala, perhaps I should get it.
    See you in a few days
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. I don't know those games. We have all the usual around here. My fav has always been Scrabble except I never win anymore. Boo hoo! The girls love The Game of Life. I just love it if we can get to the end of the game without someone storming off in a huff!! Ah so much fun.


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