Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay to be honest I am exaggerating a tiny bit, it's hardly an invasion...yet. We have four new additions to the family this afternoon. It really must be spring because the praying mantis egg case (that we've been keeping since autumn) has begun to hatch. It's so exciting. #2 (calling himself "PowerMan" today) was putting this escapee back in the bug hotel (goldfish bowl). You can see that I need to cut his fingernails! We keep the bug hotel covered with a piece of mesh to keep the wee guys contained. We'll set them free in the next day or two because we don't have any tiny flies to feed them. When we had an adult praying mantis in there in summer daddyB caught flies for her. A little icky but kinda fascinating. If it wasn't for PowerMan's continued interest in bugs I wouldn't know half as much or be half as brave as I am.


  1. daddyB5:36 PM

    hmm, playing with the macro I see ;) LOL nice and buggy. Good to see the size difference too.

  2. Grandpa8:01 PM

    That's a good interest for #2 to have. I can remember collecting insects when I was a boy.
    How many mantises do you think you will get ?

    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  3. #2 is definitely fearless.

    Go Powerman!

  4. Thanks for that Meg! I don't go into the city really at all, except today - check my blog. Maybe I could skive off and check it out! I really should find some books that the library should have and let them know. My mother does it all the time. I don't really know what I want though!


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