Sunday, August 23, 2009

star of the day

The 3 year old and I made sushi for lunch on Tuesday. It had originally been planned for Monday night's dinner but that plan went out the window as the day progressively fell apart.

Dinner that night was meatballs (thanks Simone), oven fries, raw baby carrots and edamame (soy beans), a kind of random assortment of food.

Anyway I asked him to get plates for us and off he trotted. He came back looking very happy with himself with two plates. A white one for him and the red plate (which we call the star plate) "for you mummy because you are a star." Such a sweetie.
The Red Plate is a really cool thing we picked up from Parents Inc. We give it to the boys from time to time to celebrate lovely achievements or kind behaviour or trying really hard. It says "Outstandamazing! We appreciate you. You're a Star." Actually daddyB and I get it for dinner sometimes too. Everyone needs a little appreciation. Yes there have been tears over the plate (no not B or I!) but usually they don't last.

I asked him why he gave it to me today (it's the first time he's done that so it was a suprise). He thought for a moment and then said "for driving the car mummy".

#1 is getting a certificate at "whole school assembly" this week so I think the star plate will be getting a second outing. He is over the moon about the certificate, it's gorgeous.

(written by meg before i headed off down south)


  1. That's gorgeous!! Go the red plate :)

  2. We have that red plate as well!! Love it, but you've just reminded me I haven't used it for some time. Love your gratitude section, it makes me want to smile :)


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