Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, Zoo day!

Took the boys to the Zoo early Sunday morning, so early the gates weren't open yet.
I enjoyed a coffee and the boys ran around like crazy things. Nice :)

#2 wanted to be a frog...

I took the new underwatercamera and had fun trying it out.
:) DaddyB


  1. Grandpa4:40 PM

    Thanks for these - the Zoo passes are a great idea. They are popular down here also

  2. Such gorgeous photos honey! So much for doing bad photos to make me look good ;o). You're a star for looking after our lovelies while I've been away.

  3. nana robyn4:14 PM

    I hope the boys got to see Kashun one last time. They will be so sad to know he has passed away. But pleased that they went to his last birthday. What an icon he has been. Thanks for keeping the photos up for us B. Always appreciated. Love you all. XOXOXOXO


so lovely to hear from you xx