Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tea parties are fun!

Our wee tea party (a week and a half ago now) was lovely. The Rice Crackle Cake turned out kind of crazy looking so I put some extra sprinkles and lollies on the top for complete over kill. Click the link to see the pretty Donna Hay version. It really was just like a giant rice bubble slice (didn't taste as good as a regular cake). I used all white marshmallows (the pick n mix at the supermarket now has mainly pink ;o)) but it didn't turn out very white. I think to get a white cake I needed puffed rice instead of rice bubbles.

We also had fruit on cute animal toothpicks, ham and cucumber sandwiches, meringues and purplos (the dairy free version of those red cheerio cocktail sausages). The meringues looked really pretty and were so easy to make. I tried making a pavlova once and it was a disaster so was pretty pleased that these worked so well.
It was nice to have a party to celebrate all the birthdays that we miss by living in different cities from the boys' one and only cousin. The super cool candles were from Borders book store a year or two ago. Not a place I'd think of to find candles. Auntie Sam even made sweet parcels for the boys of socks and swimming goggles and stickers. It was lovely to have them stay.

Thanks Simone for the loan of the wicked cake plate. I'm now on the lookout for one of my very own.

(this bit added later) I just remembered that I was going to mention the cute place cards that our school boy (5th week now and loving it (although pretty moody some afternoons)), made for the party. He likes to be in charge of things so told me where everyone was going to sit.

I said we'd need to make some place cards and he was keen to write them himself. It was very sweet to watch. I'm fascinated by how kids learn to read and write. It's amazing.

We used leftover Christmas serviettes and I put a silicon mini muffin case with tomato sauce on each plate :o)


  1. Wow Meg, this looks AMAZING! I love those animal toothpick thingys - where o where did you find them? I also think your rice crackle cake looks pretty special. I am going to link to you for my blog of the week again - because I think more people need to know you ! :)

  2. The $3 Japan shop in Queen Street, it has super fun things like that. I just wash them and use them again.

  3. Wow you have outdone yourself again! You are a right wizz in the kitchen. I have a recipe for a pav that is so incredibly easy, if I can do it, you can too. Would you like the recipe? I'm not the sort who does this kind of thing and my friends would laugh themselves silly if they knew I was giving out a recipe!

  4. Grandpa9:04 PM

    You all went to a lot of effort for our grandchildren to shhare their birthday party - thats really kind and considerate.Talk soon
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  5. OMGoodness, I'm so glad it was just me!!!! I didn't think it tasted particularly good either. In fact we threw out most of it.


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