Sunday, August 2, 2009

what do you mean hot chips and rice wheels aren't a balanced meal?

So it's not so easy eating out or being spontaneous if you have a child with allergies. The boys and I took a little trip to the zoo today. The intention was for it to be a quick trip followed by lunch at home. So I didn't pack food. There were a couple of packets of rice wheels in the backpack (with the Epipen and my camera) but that was it. Anyway it was a gorgeous sunny day today, spring is in the air (almost). We decided to pop into Motat and see the aeroplanes before taking the tram to the zoo. So we ended up there quite late and lunch ended up being hot (warm) chips and rice wheels. Yummo (not really).

We did have a really nice time though. This week things keep occurring to me that we can't do together now that the 5yr old is at school... story time at the library, morning zoo visits when it's not super crowded, lunch at the park with friends, mucking about at home... it's all such a big change. He's loving it though and it does seem like a fantastic school.

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  1. grandpa5:05 PM

    The boys are looking well. It's good that there are some take away foods #2 can have, we should get a list of what is safe for him, still need to check with vendors and labels though.
    Have a good week
    l & c grandpa xxooxx


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