Tuesday, September 15, 2009

all round greatness

Our school boy was super proud of himself last week when he was awarded one of the "role model" sashes in assembly. They give them out to kids for a variety of reasons and they get to wear them for a week. He was pretty keen to wear it to bed the first night! Apparently he got it for "all round greatness"... wish we'd been there to see it. He is a great kid, and so grown up since starting school two months ago.



  1. Grandpa8:27 PM

    Well done, Grandpa is very proud also. Our school boy looks so grown up, L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. nana robyn7:57 AM

    What a beautiful photo. You're doing so well at school, obviously born for it.We know you are great and now other people are finding that out for themselves.
    Love you XOXOXOO

  3. Wow what a wonderful award to receive! I love those ones better than school work ones any day.

  4. Oh wow, Max! Well done!! Missing you guys, been enjoying catching up on reading/seeing pics of you guys tonight; just returned from 10 days down south. xx


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