Monday, September 7, 2009

back to school

Not much to say except we're back! Had a fantastically madly busy time away in Christchurch visiting family. B & I got plenty of time to play Dominion and the boys got lots of grandparent and auntie and uncle time too. All in all a lovely time but it's nice to be home. It's such a sweet photo I needed to upload it right away. We had his first parent-teacher interview last week. It's so weird that we're the parents now... it doesn't feel like that long ago since I was the student and my parents were heading off to chat to my teachers. Time goes so quickly.


  1. Grandpa7:42 AM

    Lovely to have you at home and to have all of the grandchildren together, we are so lucky
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. nana robyn8:25 AM

    Look at my lovely big school boy , so grown up now.
    How lovely it was to have you all here over the weekend. The grandparents certainly loved the time and have our batteries charged with kisses and cuddles ( and mananged to "bank" plenty too.) The house is terribly quiet now, toys are away....perhaps I'll leave the fingerprints on the windows a bit longer.
    Love you all. XOXOXOXO


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