Tuesday, September 8, 2009

nothing sweeter

Really, even at three and a half, he's still completely adorable when he takes a nap during the day. It doesn't happen that often anymore which is both good and bad I guess. Good because he can cope without it quite happily... and not so good because I really enjoy the peace and quiet!

I guess there's the added bonus that I can sneakily take his picture too ;o) One day soon the naps will be gone for good and he'll only sleep at night, in the dark, I won't be able to peek at him quite so easily then. I love how soft and warm he is, how he snuffles a little but is quite difficult to wake up when it's time to walk down to school. We took his scooter today and he had a great time whizzing along the footpaths.

He got a couple of big splinters in his foot this afternoon while playing with friends on our deck. Ouch! DaddyB and I had to employ team tactics to remove the nasty things. Note to self - much easier to get out a splinter after a bath.

I'm loving the change in the weather lately. Shorts and summer shoes for the boys. The garden is in much need of attention. Almost time to buy a couple of tomato plants to put in (they're the vege that we've had the most success with so far). We got some strawberry food yesterday and #1 cut the top off the packet tonight all keen to do a bit of gardening himself. Perhaps tomorrow will be another beautiful day.


  1. Grandpa7:47 AM

    The innocence and peace of a sleeping child is magic. Great that spring is here and our gardens are calling. Trust you have all settled back to normality.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. nana robyn8:32 AM

    There's nothing more idyllic than watching a sleeping baby or child and marvelling at the wonder of life. Nothing brings a smile to your face quicker. Something a mother never tyres of even as that child gets way bigger and would be horrified to know mum watches while they sleep!
    I feel a gardening day coming on myself.
    Love yoy. XOXOXOXO

  3. Hey Meg; So glad to know we are dinner conversation! Please give our love to your sweet sweet boys. I am feeling nice and connected thanks to the Land of Blog, which crosses all interntaional boundraies and time zones. Off to cornwall tomorrow so will probably be out of touch for about a week. Much love from Simone xx


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