Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday was super hero and princess day at kindy. I saw only one female super hero (amongst all the princesses) and she was so gorgeous! Pink sparkly cape and headband with green frog gumboots. I've always been a huge Wonder Woman fan and when we were small my sisters and I had fantastic home made costumes (sadly I don't have a copy of that photo). I have a large Wonder Woman collection these days (toys, an autographed mouse pad (I got to meet her), drinking glasses and a barbie).

Here's my kindy hero proudly showing off his mummy made costume. The mask template can be printed out here. I just made it with two layers of felt and sandwiched the elastic in between. The cape is a repurposed shirt of B's, hacked up, zigzagged around the edges and with a bit of velcro at the neck.


  1. Grandpa12:20 PM

    The Super Hero looks pretty cool, I hope he got to save the Super Princess.
    L & C Grandpa

  2. nana robyn4:12 PM

    You're always my absolutely fantastic super hero, who by the look of one photo has learnt to fly.....what a skill.
    Love you

  3. Auntie Annie4:41 PM

    Love it, Love it Love it!!!!

    He looks so cool, Megan! Your boys are going to grow up with the best costumes on the block.

    Love lots x

  4. Linda B9:30 AM

    Aw that cool suoer girl is MY girl! I had to dress up as a super hero for our church Father's Day service and went as wonder woman! So she knew exactly what she wanted to wear!

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Megan, I have a copy somewhere of the photo of you Kate and Amelia so will dig it out and send you a copy. Love Dianne


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