Saturday, September 26, 2009

easy like a saturday morning

I had fun this morning cutting out pictures from an old Little Golden Book (one I'd bought ages ago for 20c because the pictures were cute) and sticking them onto this tray. The whole decoupage thing is perhaps a bit uncool these days but I quite enjoyed it.

The boys spent the morning deconstructing my burnt out electric beaters and then constructing a robot from the bits. B stuck it together with the hot glue gun, unlike the ones at kindy this one is super hot.

B was inspired when he heard about Tinkering School. It's an American summer camp where kids get to have a great time pulling things apart and then inventing cool new things using real tools. They have video of a roller coaster made by seven year olds. How cool would that be? I want to go.


  1. Wow what fabulous things you all made!! I love your tray and it is not uncool to decoupage. It's all the rage, really. I really don't think I could cut up a golden book. I just couldn't! Even for 20c. Great results though.

    I love the robot, he looks really great. What you going to do about baking now though?

  2. I was pretty gutted about the beaters. They're the third set I've had go up in smoke in the past 12 years or so. Perhaps I need to just do things by hand. I'd really like a KitchenAid mixer but they're $1000!! Maybe I'll find a competition to win one ;o)

  3. Awesome Meg! You guys are so creative! I love the tray and the robot is FAB!!

  4. Hi there! There is Nothing uncool about that decoupage!!! Awesome, I love it!

    Thanks for your comment too - I grew up on Alberton and spent many a days wondering over to that farm and helping out! I must take the kids there to rekindle some old memories!
    Our family home is still there, so am there all the time!

    Love your blog - your photographs are AMAZING!

  5. Grandpa1:04 PM

    I used to love pulling things apart and seeing what made them work - good that the boys can do this, and great that you do so much baking that the the beaters have failed !
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  6. Those things are great!! I would hang that tray on my kids wall. I love the robot

  7. I love this tray! what a cool idea!
    Liam would love to get stuck into something like that with a srewdriver - love the robot they made.


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