Saturday, September 19, 2009


So last weekend's pie was delicious. However the planned outing turned into a bit of a disaster.

Thought I'd share the baking photos though. Both boys helped by putting in the bacon, the eggs, the basil and the tomatoes. Then we used alphabet cutters for the top, followed by an egg wash.

We got to Motat and #1 face planted into some big gravel. He bruised and grazed his face, elbow and knee on one side and was inconsolable. This was before we'd even made it inside! So our cunning plan to spend the day there (our yearly pass expired the next day) turned into a quick trip home for pamol and a nap. He looks a little like he's been in a fist fight.

Still the pie was good.

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  1. Grandpa8:54 AM

    Hope the wounds have healed and you're having a good weekend. Gordy on my knee and little m having breaky - talk to you soon
    L & C grandpa xxooxx


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