Friday, September 18, 2009

So here were are, my little sister and I, in our mummy-made Wonder Woman costumes sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. Aren't they so cool? My lovely Auntie emailed me this photo after reading that I was looking for it. This is also the lovely Auntie who is going to Australia soon and if I wanted anything from Ikea!! Oh how I love Ikea :o) I need to head over to their web site and start making me a wee list. I promise it won't be too big!

I spent my last nightschool sewing session making a crocodile cape for our sweet school boy. Not interested in a lightning bolt (which I had one spare) but a cute green croc. Looking forward to seeing NanaD and Poppa tonight as they're back in town and we've all been missing them lots.

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  1. What a great photo! I see your boys in you. Fancy dress is such fun isn't it? You seem to always be putting an outfit together. Tell me about your night school sessions, I'd love to hear.


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