Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

He told the face painter at the mall that he wanted to be a monster. She did a fantastic job! Doesn't it makes his eyes look amazingly green? (no I didn't photoshop them)

Monday, October 26, 2009

long weekend

We took the boys on our first ever family camping trip this weekend.

I'm a bit too tired to post much about it at the moment. Am looking forward to sleeping in my own quiet bed in our own quiet house tonight. I can't even log into my email so I'm having to post as B.

We did lots of fun things though. Fishing, swimming, big walks, much playing, bbqing meat, napping, cooking marshmellows and even some sleeping. Oh yeah and I took heaps of pictures ;o) Of course.

Our tent is the one I grew up camping in. It's orange and aqua, complete with brown and orange spotted curtains. Super retro.

M x

Friday, October 23, 2009


I was photographing something the other day and turned around to see this! We really do have a lot of cameras in this house. Six digital ones - old kodak we let the kids use, two SLRs, waterproof fujifilm, canon g9 (handbag camera), one sony handycam. Plus cell phone cameras but they hardly count do they? I think I'd miss it if I didn't take any pictures for a few days.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

happier photos

Our school holidays were full up with fun things, play dates with friends and outings in our wonderful city. We spent a day at the museum with our friends (the day I found the boys in animal costumes in our bed). The winter gardens in the domain were a nice spot to stop for lunch too.

We're still looking into the diet food intolerance thing. I'm getting in touch with a paediatric immunologist as I really don't feel confident with this naturopath hair test thing. Has anyone had success with one of these tests? Everything I seem to read about it just emphasises that these tests are unproven. Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wah wah wah

Life is tough when you're a kid and your mummy is such a meanie. First she says you can't play video games and then makes you stop being so sulky or you'll have to go to your room till you feel better. This isn't a photo from today but it could well have been. (This particular shot was taken when the boys were having a race of some sort and #2 didn't follow #1's rules. He took a short cut and his big brother wasn't too impressed!) Little one had a fever yesterday and although he was totally recovered today, I suspect big brother may be coming down with it. Either that or he was just having a really grumpy day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

yay rugasoc!

So DaddyB has a lot of pre-Christmas advertising clients at the moment. It means that his usual Monday afternoon activity (Rugasoc) has had to make way for his real job. So that means that I join the preschool kids and their mums (and dads) for an hour of kicking balls about.

Coach Mickey is fantastic getting the kids to listen and follow directions, most of the time anyway. There were heaps of new kids today which always makes things a bit insane. Somehow Micky and Maggie (his wife) manage to keep things under control.

The wee guy (almost four) has been going for a whole year now. He's usually really tired from his morning at kindy, but manages to keep going for most of the hour. I'm really impressed with his soccer skills these days. I hadn't been for a couple of months and so have noticed a big improvement. "Yay Rugasoc!" they yell at the end of the session.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

they're tears of joy aren't they?

On my birthday I got some lovely pressies. This book (that I asked for) from B and the boys. I had it out from the library and loved it so much I really needed to have my own copy. It's full of gorgeous ideas for sewing and crafty things.

My lovely friend Anna took me out for coffee and cake and her wee boy gave me some rhubarb that he'd picked from their garden. My sisters, Aunty D, Mum and Dad, NanaR and Grandpa also sent me sweet gifts. I was very spoilt. B brought home a huge chocolate ice cream cake which we shared with Poppa and some cousins who came for dinner and games night.

But by far my favourite gift (and the one which reduced me to tears) was this wee notebook from my mum (NanaD)...

Poppa brought it over (Mum is still in Chch) and I opened it thinking that it was a sweet notebook. Once I opened though I realised that she'd filled it with stories of our boys. Funny things they've said and done over the past five years. She's been collecting them up and copied them into this book for me. What a beautiful surprise.

I burst into tears and had to stop reading it. It's one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received (close behind B's painting of our wedding vows). The kids were eating their dinner and looked at me a little strangely when I sobbed happy tears... "it's okay mummy, they're tears of joy aren't they?" said the 5yr old. He knows me so well.

Thanks so much mum, I love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

back to school

Today is the first day back for the last term of the year. That means Christmas isn't far away! And summer holidays and swimming in the sea and lying in the hammock reading while the boys play in the garden. Bliss.

Friday, October 9, 2009

we're just playing schools

All was quiet in our house the other morning. Actually the truth is that I had shut the kids out of the kitchen so I could make our lunches in PEACE! They have been so noisy lately, especially the little one. So I had finished making the lunches and we were about to head out the door to the museum. All was quiet as I opened the kitchen door. Their bedroom was empty and this is what I found in our bedroom...

"we're just playing schools" they told me. Apparently the turtle was being the teacher. Later the lion said "everyone stand for the national anthem" and proceeded to sing it. Mr turtle wasn't that impressed "I don't like that song" he said.

Today they played at the creche at the gym while I did a class... why didn't I think of that before the last day of the holidays? I think they're going to miss each other next week when they're back at school and kindy. I've enjoyed them for the two weeks but am looking forward to a little peace and quiet :o) These costumes were given to the boys by Auntie Anna and Uncle Wayne almost three years ago now! I have had to remove the elastic from around the ankles (now knee length). They get regular use by the boys and visitors who love to play dress ups.

Monday, October 5, 2009

this is the best dinner in the world

So the new low allergy/intolerance diet started today. Even though I am a skeptic I'm willing to give it a good shot and see if it makes a difference. Due to his serious (life threatening) cows milk allergy and now a probable soy intolerance we're back to making our own bread. You probably didn't notice but all supermarket bread has either milk solids or soy flour in it. Crazy. Anyway home made bread is always super yummy and we get to use our nifty 70's (?) bread slicer that B picked up at a market one time.

Dinner was sushi tonight. Not very fast but oh so good. Mr 3 1/2 said "mummy this is the best dinner in the world!". I even made mayonnaise from scratch for him last night (my first time). I don't like it but he seems to. He was a little sad today about not being allowed sultanas when the other boys were having some (heart breaking). However he soon cheered up when I gave him some nutrigrain cereal, a brand new (very sugary and not very healthy) snack food which he is allowed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I think I need to get my camera out tomorrow when we're having fun! I do photograph my kids when they're sulking or crying. It's just part of the reality of being a parent and kind of nice to remember those times too with the good times. Usually I have the camera out anyway and just keep taking photos. This one I took on the way home from school one afternoon. We'd been having a lovely time playing and mucking about, but then he had a sulk about not getting to go to the dairy or a friend's place or something. I couldn't resist that sticky out lip.

We've been having a few sibling rivalry/fighting/big-brother-hurting-little-brother issues recently. We use time out (there's a chair in our hall) when required. In the car yesterday there was pinching and screaming which led to time out on the side of the road (a first and hopefully a last time for that!). Actually we pulled into a carparking area and made him sit under a tree. The rest of us waited patiently for his time to be up and then we all went on our way. He was very sad and remorseful. Fingers crossed he doesn't make us do that again. It's hard having to be the rule makers and enforcers sometimes! It would be so much easier to just let it slide.

Week two of the school holidays now. Last week we went to Motat, The Sky Tower, the circus show at the mall, Nana and Poppa's for a sleepover (yahoo!), had friends over, did some sewing, took a train trip, played shops, wrote stories and played at the park. I may need a rest at the end of the holidays!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

but wait there's more

Got our naturopath hair test allergy results back today. I'm kinda skeptical about them but I have heard from a few other people that they do actually work. I don't know. It just all seems too hard. I still struggle with keeping him dairy (and possible traces of dairy) free on a daily basis. Now I have a whole stack more of foods for him to avoid. But it will no doubt make a big difference to him so we have to do it. I had a wee cry about it and now I have to get to planning some meals and things which will replace some of our usuals (like bolognaise sauce, fruit and yoghurt sundaes, fish pie...).


Thanks for listening to my mini rant.