Saturday, December 26, 2009


We're on holiday and so is the blog... for a couple of days anyway. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Ours included a swim in the school pool, some game playing and lego building.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas day at our house involved waffles for breakfast, new t-shirts and books, plenty of skype time with the rellies down South, eating, drinking, game playing (Dominion), some thank you card writing and a swim in the school pool. Just us four and our friend Chante. Peaceful and sweet.

Isn't technology so cool that you can see and talk to family in other parts of the world online? The boys opened some gifts in view of the givers and showed off some of their new things.

Kids favourite gifts were transformers costumes, wipe off monster cards and thundies. B and I liked our keep cups and new Dominion Intrigue.

Photo layout is too hard to figure out today.
(posted Jan 3)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

twas the night before christmas

We got the table tent out today just like we did last year (except we forgot the lights this year). Duvets and pillows were dragged from the beds and lunch was eaten hidden away underneath. Both boys wanted to take a nap under there but in the end it was too exciting and I had to split them up. I went too late to take a photograph and captured #2 just as he awoke. #1 is reading a Christmas story on the couch to #2.

We went out to see the big tree and lights in Ponsonby. Big mistake really, we abandoned seeing Franklin road lights at 10:30pm after being stuck in traffic for 25minutes! So the kids didn't get to bed till after eleven. When we got home #1 had to write a note and leave some things for Santa.

And of course make sure the stockings were hung out for him to fill. Good night, sleep tight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

early celebrations

Christmas day we're going to be in Auckland and all the rest of our family will be down in Christchurch. I wish we were there because it's gonna be pretty quiet here. We celebrated early with Nana and Poppa. The boys and I set the table with tinsel, wooden santas and nativity figures. They had fun hiding them in the tinsel. #1 made a "surprise" banner and hung it on the porch and they jumped out at DaddyB and their grandparents when they got home. We had yummy food, Christmas music and exchanged presents.

Piranha Panic (I think) was the boys favourite gift. They've played it every day and it's good fun. Thanks Anna and Wayne!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

almost christmas

Christmas is so close now and we are all getting very excited. A parcel from Auntie Katie arrived on our doorstep this morning and we have presents under the tree now. I was a little reluctant to put them under the tree yet in case the temptation to open them is a bit much! I took these pix (in their pjs) this morning. We then went on to have a huge day. Visiting Motat, walking through Western Springs, finding a bush walk and then ending up at the zoo. So we didn't get home till after six (the plan was 2ish!!), but we had a great adventure and saw lots of new places and things. Last night our friend Mike Green came to stay and we had a BBQ and some backyard soccer. If you know the size of our backyard you'll understand how tricky that is!

Yesterday morning we had an impromptu fancy dress/eat the gingerbread house/Christmas party. Lovely friends Simone and Jaimie came over with their cute offspring (a pirate, cowboy, ladybug, puppy and dinosaur).

The gingerbread house was passed around the table and everyone broke off chunks and devoured it. I loved seeing it vanish so quickly and be throughly enjoyed. Us mummies did get a bit too with our coffee and it was delicious. Much better than I expected. Recipe is from the latest Little Treasures magazine. It would be yummier with chocolate M&Ms on top rather than the fruity (dairy free) skittles if you had a choice.

The whole cake was gobbled down in record time. It was so much fun, we'll be doing it again next year for sure.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

guess who's reading?

Bang on time, just like his older brother did, #2 has started to recognise words just before his 4th birthday. I was a little shocked and freaked out when #1 did it, and didn't really make it too public (that whole kiwi tall poppy thing), but this time it's not so scary. I'm not sure why we worry about what others think when we should just celebrate all of our kids successes. I guess we don't want to come across as skiting or gloating. I really wanted #1 to wait to read till he started school but he was way ahead of me. He just taught himself. Anyway the wee guy is very excited about it, he's been trying to share his brother's school readers for the last few months. I need to get him some of his own from the library.

I wonder if they read early because we did baby signing with them? I can't think of another reason except for that.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

party time

We had a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party for Master 4 today. His birthday is after Christmas but it's a really anti social time to have a kids party. So for the first time this year we had it early. He invited six of his best kindy and play group friends and we had lots of dancing and yummy allergy friendly food. We had 3 junior epipens on the fridge! For one dairy, one egg and one peanut allergy! It's a crazy world we live in. The allergic kids (and parents) were thrilled that they were allowed to eat all of the party food including the cupcakes. The wee girl (4) was almost in disbelief and asked me to tell her the ingredients!

Great news on the allergy front for us too... we're allowed to have "may contain traces of dairy" again!! You wouldn't believe how much of an impact that has on my everyday life. It's massive. Heaps of dairy free foods that we've had to avoid in case of possible traces of dairy (rice crackers, plain chips, mealmates, stock powder cocoa, chocolate chips...) are now available to us once more.

YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!! #2 is stoked too. He keeps having to ask "is this dairy free mummy?" because it's been so long since he ate a chip or a cracker (that wasn't a boring carrs water cracker or a bbq rice wheel).

Daddy B decorated the cool cupcakes for us. We're going to have a real cake on the real birthday.

Hey a tip for if you're ever hosting a kids party and allergic kids are coming... keep the packets of all of the food you serve (or the recipes) so it's easy for their parents to double check the food before they leave you in charge of their wee darlings.

Friday, December 18, 2009

the house

Success! The four day mission paid off and now we have a cutiepie gingerbread house (which we must hide from the two flies which are loitering in our kitchen today). I think a sprinkling of icing sugar snow will do a nice job prettying the board up a bit. Yum.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

work in progress

Finally our first ever gingerbread house is underway. I'm not so good with fully reading recipes before I begin them... so I didn't realise that it would take three or four days to make! First you make the dough, the refrigerate it overnight. The roll it, cut it and bake it. Once it's cool you assemble the walls, leave it several hours and then add the roof. Only once that has hardened can you add all the fun decorations. That's the bit we'll be doing tomorrow. These are the photos from yesterday's cutting and baking session which took place while the 3yr old was taking a nap. Mr baker here insisted on the hat with his apron. I must say I think it's rather cute.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tea with the boys

This is a wee gift I made recently for grandpa (my most loyal blog commenter - my father in law). It turned out pretty cute and you might have a tea lover in your family that you need a last minute Christmas pressie for. It's pretty nice for people who live far away as it's small and lightweight for posting.

It's not an original idea, inspired by these valentines tea bags, and probably some others that I can't recall.

I'm not sure what's up with the blogger formatting at the moment but I realise this is a bit all over the place. I may come back and fix it later but for now I need to go blow up some balloons for the party tomorrow.

I started by printing out photos of the boys, in a circular format because I have a craft punch that exact size. You could easily cut them out by hand though and do them any size you like.

Then I used my craft punch to cut out their sweet faces.

Because I couldn't get tea bags with tags on them already (to glue my photos on top of) I had to sew a length of cotton onto each one.

It was pretty straight forward though.

Then I glued the cotton onto the back of one photo.

Press the other photo on top.

Now Grandpa can have tea with the boys whenever he likes.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more christmas preparations...

The Christmas aprons are hanging on the fridge, they're already pretty covered in flour from our pizzas last week. Tomorrow we're baking the gingerbread house (our first ever wish us luck!). My electric beaters have totally given up (the third or fourth ones I've had), so yesterday I gave in and got some hand beaters from K-mart. Big mistake. They busted just creaming the treacle, sugar and kremelta. Grrrr. Oh for a kitchenaid mixer!

Not a new photo but they are pretty cute (in my t-shirts) and I'm aware that there hasn't been much blog action lately. Crazy busy with Christmas stuff, Nana and Poppa coming over tonight for Christmas dinner and I have to go peel some veges now!! See ya.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

our wee star

It was junior school performance night last week and the kids were doing the story of "The Lorax". A Dr Seuss book about chopping down trees and destroying ecosystems (I think - we don't have that one so I can't tell you the whole story).

Anyway our super reader was chosen to be one of the four narrators and we proudly went along (with Nana and Poppa) to watch. It was a very cute show, mostly because it was nine classes of five and six year olds, dancing to Abba, Elvis, ColdPlay etc. He did so well reading in front of a packed hall of adults and kids, not something I'd feel comfortable doing!