Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the joy of the merry go round

It's a shame that as we grow up some of the magic goes too.  It's so lovely that as a parent you can experience it all again through the excitement on your kids faces and the sparkle in their eyes.  I'm tired and longing for kindy to resume (it's still holidays) but taking photos of the boys having fun cheers me up no end. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

marble painting

Marble painting has been on the boys "want to do" list for a while now.  Ever since the big storm weekend when we didn't go camping.  That weekend we put a whole lot of fun ideas into a container and pulled them out at random.  Marble painting never came out and #2 was especially disappointed.

So the other day I got out a box,  some paints and marbles and we went for it, dipping the marbles in paint and rolling them around.  I always use an old piece of hemmed shower curtain to protect the table (that's the blue thing you can see).  I put up a bit of string and pegs in the kitchen to dry the art work on.   A pretty easy and not too messy project. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


#2 is modelling one of the kids aprons I've made recently.  They're great because the boys can put them on themselves and often do when they want to assist in the kitchen (on a daily basis at the moment).  The neck is elastic (not usually twisted) and the waistband does up with velcro on the side. 

I got the pattern free from Sew Liberated.  It's the Montessori Childs's Apron on the right hand side. 

I finished off this lined leaf pouch/bag on the weekend and sewed the boys some bags for adventuring.  Mostly to avoid the pockets full of stones and bugs and leaves that we sometimes end up with.  #1's one has a rainbow strap (used his old toddler harness!) and #2's has a cute monkey patch. Tested them out on our Sunday walk and it was sweet.  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

dairy free chocolate

We were much better prepared this Easter with dairy free chocolate eggs for #2. Yesterday Nana and Poppa visited and brought the boys some marshmallow bunnies. Last year I had put some jelly dinosaurs into plastic eggs for them to find in the garden and that was about it. #1 was totally on to us about who hid the eggs. Not much gets past him these days (did it ever?). Hope you had a relaxing weekend whether it was a church going or a gardening one. We went on a big family walk this morning with the boys and yesterday I finished off a few crafty projects.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TV still not working, unless it feels like it, which is kind of random. It's so frustrating. After much internet research we have read that sometimes the circuits wear out and a bit of heat gets them going again. Would make sense that the tele only seems to turn on in the afternoons (after a bit of warm afternoon sun), and is working less and less as the weather gets colder. We managed to get it going with the hairdryer last night!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

scrabble jnr

#1 and I played junior scrabble ($4 at the Red Cross shop... bargain!) together and these are some of the words we came up with.

His favourite of course was fartboy. Which technically isn't a word but caused so much hilarity that it was the best part of the game.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


#2 found the box of alphabet magnets the other day when it was time for a rest, and wanted to stick them all over the fridge. It didn't quite fit with my plan to have no children about for an hour or so. I gave him a baking tray instead and sent him back to the bedroom. This is what he came out with about quarter of an hour later. It was so pretty I thought you might like to see it too. He can recognise most of the alphabet these days and loves trying to write things (just like his big brother).