Thursday, January 28, 2010

public transport ahoy

Yesterday, Mum (NanaD) and I took the boys on the ferry to Devonport for the day.  We've been there before several times (in the car) but this was the first ferry trip.  It's free for preschoolers and only $5 return for a school kid.  So we used many different forms of transportation yesterday... a bus from Nana's to town, a ferry over to Devonport, a ride on the merry go round horses, a ride behind three gorgeous clydesdale horses (thanks mum), another ferry and then the train home.  Both boys spent their $2 on a fairy finger puppet from the toy shop.

We had a sweet day but were all very hot and bothered by the time we got home just before six.  The fact that we had a book to read on the train saved us all on the crowded trip home.  #2 was about to lose the plot and I was about to lose it with him too!  Today we're having a quiet day at home.  We've inflated the paddling pool and am letting it warm up in the sun.  By afternoon it'll be lovely.

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  1. Grandpa12:17 PM

    What a great day you had, hot here today also.
    Nice to talk with you last night L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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