Tuesday, January 19, 2010

christmas crafts

The boys helped me make these bookmarks for family and friends this Christmas. I let them draw pictures onto the fabric using a washable pen and then embroidered over the top. The pictures are of Aunty Katie snowboarding, #2 collecting eggs and some fish for DaddyB who loves catching them. The goth girl is from a tee shirt of mine that I shrunk years ago but never could part with it. I ironed some interfacing (is that what it's called?) onto the back and then cut her out. I was tempted to keep her for myself. I have another two cute kids from the same tee so I'll have to make another one. The bookmark idea is from Handmade Home.


  1. Very cool! Another thing on my list I would like to do :)

  2. Hi Meg!

    I love this idea. My sister gave me both of Soulemama's books for gifts and I just love them. I must get them out again for ideas like this one!!

    Loved talking with you at Simoney's! Hope the New Year has been a great one for you to date!

  3. LOL I'm making something out of my very first Misery tee too! LOVE!


so lovely to hear from you xx