Monday, January 4, 2010

funnest baking ever

Okay so technically "funnest" isn't a word but this writing icing stuff is so cool! Not very expensive, from the supermarket, dairy free and made with natural colours! My baking has never looked so good.

After having a disastrous time baking gingerbread that wouldn't harden enough to roll out, and mince pies that exploded in the oven (just before Christmas), I remade the gingerbread house recipe and cut out trees and stars. So our neighbours got a late gift, but a very cute one.

The cupcake is one I did for #2 to take to a birthday party (his allergy friendly cake substitute).

And just to show you that it doesn't always look so beautiful here are photos of the exploding pies...

and the supposed gingerbread which was so sticky (even after refridgeration) that there was no way to roll it out. Bugger.

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