Monday, January 11, 2010

a holiday at the beach

Daddy B has been back at work since boxing day, which didn't exactly leave much time to go away camping! So we did the next best thing and took a wee vacation by the beach on the other side of town. Four nights away at my parents flat while they were partying it up in Christchurch (they are out almost every night!).

We played lots of games, did a bit of baking (had to use up those squishy bananas), took naps, flew kites, went to the beach (obviously), explored, played soccer (the boys with chipped red nail polish), did forward rolls on Nana and Poppa's bed and generally mucked about. It was really nice. We hurried back home to clear up from Christmas just in time for Nana and Grandpa's arrival on New Year's eve. They went home last night and so it's back to big blog catch up. I've been up since five this morning (we're all having trouble sleeping lately, what's that about?). It's now half six and I've had a (Geronimo Stilton reading) five year old up with me since 5:40am! He is such an early riser it's insane. I guess it's lucky that he's an avid reader and doesn't wake us up when he wakes up.

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  1. Grandpa8:20 PM

    Grandpa was up early also for reasons I won't share on the blog - much better now. Got the lawns done and the plums blasted of the terrrace so all looks tidy. Golf in the morning if it is not raining then of to get a wof for the sports car and check the office mail. Thanks for a great break with you, hope it's not to quiet without us L & C Grandpa xxoxx


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