Thursday, January 28, 2010

poor sausage

Not sure that we're going to be having much fun in the paddling pool this afternoon! This wee fella is miserable and has a high temperature.  Both boys are upstairs watching Madagascar 2 that I recorded recently.  I should go and hang out with them.  We hope he feels better soon.


  1. Grandpa5:14 PM

    Hey there #2, Grandpa sends you lots of love & cuddles and hpoes you're feeling better real soon

    Grandpa xxooxx

  2. nana robyn8:30 AM

    What a shame you're not feeling well on your last few days of holiday. I'm sure you'll be better soon and then it's back to your friends and kindy.I bet Madagascar 2 was real funny, I really enjoyed when we went to the movies to see it with you and you held my hand incase I got scared by anything! Lots of love kisses and cuddles for you wee guys(and mummy and daddy)


so lovely to hear from you xx