Monday, January 25, 2010

salad people

This oh so yummy cereal was made by the boys (I assisted) last week.

We just bought a new cookbook called Salad People. It is the follow up to our favourite kids cookbook Pretend Soup (link to library catalogue so you can request it - go on you'll love it).  The aim of the books is to let the kids do the cooking and the parents just oversee it (and set stuff up).  It has great tips on how to cook with preschoolers without having a melt down.  For example they crack an egg into the bottom of a bowl and then remove the shell, it's much easier than trying to  get an egg off a bench into a bowl!!  And do everything on a tray because the clean up is so much easier.

So we made the crunchy granola and it was delicious.  Not particularly healthy breakfast cereal (so much sugar and oil) but yummy!  We didn't read the recipe properly (really no excuse, it's fully illustrated) and added the dried fruit before we baked it.  Oops.  I had to pick out all the burnt sultanas before adding more fruit.  I'm thinking it'd be wonderful with almonds and cranberries or cherries for my birthday... still many months away.  If you want the recipe let me know and I'll post it.


  1. Grandpa4:55 PM

    The cereal looks mighty tasty and the action shot of #1 is great - talk soon
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx ps Going to see Avatar tonight.

  2. Sounds like a great book to use! The egg idea - perfect..... although in this heat, I find it hard to muster up the energy to supervise anything!!!


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