Monday, January 18, 2010

turning four

When we celebrated #2's birthday, DaddyB took the day off work (he hadbeen working solidly since boxing day) and we did all sorts of fun family things together. The fishing and mini golf were special requests by the birthday boy.

We were away from home without anyone around to share a big cake with so I used the leftover Christmas/party marshmellows and chocolate to make a big rice bubble slice. We covered it with sprinkles and turned it into a tower. Pretty cute and not so sweet that I felt the need to eat much of it (a huge bonus that one).

We spent the morning exploring and found a fun pond to play in. I'm not sure that we should have been in it but nobody told us off!

#2 rescued a beetle from the pond and carried it around for a while. He got a mini magnifying bug catcher from his cousin Maddy which brings to four the total of different bug catcher/houses he has. One is a pop up port-a-bug which has bonus cute points.

He proudly wore his birthday crown for a lot of the day. It was so hot playing mini golf that sun hats were compulsory. We played for fun but there was a quite serious family behind us. Don't think they were too impressed by our lack of formal rules!

We've let the boys choose one special activity each for the holidays. They made a list of lots of fun things and then selected one each. #1 chose Rainbows End (the kiddy zone is only $16) and #2 chose 10Pin bowling. If you live in Auckland and can recommend a good place please leave me a comment. Thanks. Having said that we have been doing lots of other things too, it was just a way for me to not go nuts with endless requests during the holidays. Last week we enjoyed a great storyteller at the library, MOTAT, the zoo and a trip to the museum to see Midsummer at the Museum. It's a family friendly version of Midsummer Night's Dream and was pretty good too.

MOTAT and the zoo are just up the road and we have annual passes so they don't really count as special treats around here. We're very spoilt living so close and being able to visit all the time. We got to see the flamingos dancing (crazy) and x-rays of various animals at the vet center. #1 says that animals are his new hobby.


  1. Grandpa12:24 PM

    What a lovely blog to start the year at the office - thanks.
    Great photo of your 3 boys in the pond.

    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Yes I love that photo with B jumping in the pond - what a fun snap!
    We are back now from camping, so give me a call!

  3. Meg, your boys have such a great life. They are very lucky to have two such fabulous parents. xx


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