Thursday, February 25, 2010

it's wiggly!

Wiggly it may be but is it ready to come out?
Oh no it's not.

I must say that he was very brave but accepted a hug from Daddy and wee brother after the attempted extraction.  I love the photo!  B did wonder if he was the worst Dad ever... all of us around here think he's the very best!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the little things

Today has been a long day.  I think the whole household had broken sleep last night.  Conversations were had at 1am and 230am and beds were swapped around (thank goodness for the spare room!).  The boys remained in their bunks but coughed and cried for much of the night.  So #2 and I took B to work and then pottered about at Sylvia Park mall for the morning before heading to his dance class.  It was really nice to hang out with him, he can be very adorable when you get him away from his sibling!  My first can of V in possibly years, kept me going all day.  Excellent.  I felt the need to take some photos this afternoon to perk me up a little bit.  So here are a few from late in the day. We had quite a bit of fighting, some berry slushy drinking, eating of Simpsons biscuits (dairy, egg and nut free amazing!), some comic strip drawing, freeing of the weta that visited us last night, and kumara, tomato (from the garden), leftover beef, carrot, olive frittata for our dinner.

This is the comic in progress... so cute!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

photos from my handbag

I carry my CanonG9 point and shoot camera (as opposed to my DSLR) in my bag most days.  I'm never super happy with the photos though so I forget to download them and blog them.  Anyway here's a few from the G9... camping last weekend with our new table and benches we bought with GG's Christmas money.

Playing battleship which B picked up at a market we visited while camping.

Notice the vastly different results I get when I ask each boy to "look at the camera"!

We went 10 Pin bowling during the holidays.

And had a great day at the Auckland Botanic Gardens with Nana and Grandpa when they came to stay. They had an excellent sculpture exhibition on and if you haven't checked out the Potter's Kids Garden it's well worth a visit with the little people.  Check out the cute egg.

And why is it that you spend so much time in public toilets when you're a mummy?  I can't say I'm going to miss that when they're big enough to look after themselves!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

is it dancing class today?

We enrolled little Mr dance-a-lot in a preschool dance class last week.  He'd been keen on the idea for ages and I finally got around to finding one.  Yes he's the only boy.  Sadly the after school hip hop class is only for 5 and 6 year olds.  He is loving it though.  He asks every day if it's dancing today.  More pix to come.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my children are crazy!

big brother

little brother

I took these pictures at our photo frenzy in January.   Just a bit of silly wide angle fun really.  Hope it made you smile.  That's also where we took the header photo, when we were doing "drawing with light".

If you want to try crazy big head photos you need to zoom out as far as you can and get a little bit above your subject.  Make sure you can still see their feet and snap away :o)  The drawing with light requires a very dark room, a long exposure and some fun light painting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

auckland family cycle challenge

So we've had bikes for a wee while now... but really they don't get a lot of use (apart from B's which gets  used for the commute to work).  Our backyard is teeny and we share a very steep driveway with three other houses, so we really need to go out to ride.  And we know we need to do it more often than we do.  So when I read about a family cycle challenge I thought that might just be the thing for us.  I don't have a bike anymore but it's not too hard to keep up with the boys and their trainer wheels.  So last weekend we packed a picnic tea into B's saddle bags and headed off on our mission.  #1 didn't want to go.  He reckoned he was scared of bike riding.  He took a little convincing but it wasn't long before he got the hang of it again.  There were a few falls (mainly #2 who is frequently covered in scrapes and bruises), a few tears and a bit of repair work needed.  However we all had a really nice time.  There are several bike challenges in different parks around Auckland so grab your kids and go try one out if you're around.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

book worms

I walked around the corner to this sweet scene on Thursday after the first day back at school.  My boys snuggled together on the armchair sharing a book.  There has been more reading than ever around here lately.  It's gotten to a point where I'm might have to restrict it.  How terrible does that sound?  B was just the same as a boy, NanaRobyn told me that they used to have to have "book free" days for him.  At the moment #1 is into the Rainbow Magic series and will read 3+ books in a day!  I told him we're only going to the library once a week and so he'll have to wait to get more.  It'll be interesting to see how his new teacher handles it!  She seems really lovely and experienced too which is great.

Friday, February 5, 2010


The boys like to bake and pizzas are something that we do every couple of weeks.  We used a pizza stone until recently when we discovered a pizza pan in an opshop for $2 and it's so great!  It does a lovely job on making pizzas which taste like shop ones, well to be honest, yummier than the shop ones.  Sadly though we only have the one pan so usually the kids pizzas just get baked on oven trays.  Recently our friends cancelled coming for dinner at the last minute and so we had far too much dough for the four of us.  I remember Jamie Oliver mentioning precooking bases for another day so I gave it a try.  We did each one for about 5min in the pizza pan and then froze them pre-sauced.  It was such a great plan that I think I'll make a double batch again next time we do it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

back to school

DaddyB and I (but mainly B) worked hard last night covering the school books. Yesterday I picked up a 50c withdrawn library book (with the pages falling out) and we used the pictures and some clear coverseal. They turned out so cute that we wanted to keep them for ourselves!  Sad really.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

office chair makeover

Take one well worn trademe computer/sewing chair.
We've been using this one for ages but I noticed how grotty it was the other day.
Find yourself one small helper.

Equip small person with a screwdriver and let them dismantle to their hearts content.
It helped to do the back first and then put the seat upside down on the coffee table to remove it.
The black plastic bits came off easily.

Find some suitable fabric to recover your chair and cut a piece bigger than your chair back.
I used a lovely old blanket ($4 from op shop).

Using a staple gun pull the fabric tight and staple it down all around.
You could remove the underneath fabric but mine was too tricky.

Once you're done, trim off the excess and screw back into place.
Repeat for the seat.

Ta da!  I am so happy with how it turned out.  It coordinates with my (free off the side of the road) sewing desk that B painted for me with extra exterior house paint.  Oh we are so extravagant these days!  Free or very cheap used furniture, op shop fabric...  I think as long as it looks nice (or you can make it look nice) who really cares where it came from.  And it feels good to be able to re-purpose old unwanted things into things that we like and can use.

If you give this a try please let me know so I can check out yours too :o)