Wednesday, March 3, 2010

inspired by Seuss

You probably didn't know it but yesterday was Dr Seuss's birthday.  We read the Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham and then ate some green eggs and ham for dinner.  The link is to the last time we had that for dinner.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed and not in the mood for photographing the food... just needed to get it into the hungry kids! 

So this afternoon we tried a bit of Dr Seuss inspired art.  I found a blog by a kids art teacher and used her idea.  Here's the link if you were interested.  Once again our old shower curtain keeps the paint off of our table.  Sadly it always dominates any crafty photos.  Never mind... I'm aware that I'm just being fussy.  And here are the final results. So cute!


  1. Grandpa8:01 AM

    Lovely to talk with the boys last night and have a story read to me - these paintings look fantastic - well done L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Amazing pictures!!! Wow. Are you going to frame them? I know a shop in Royal Oak mall where they have great frames, all sizes, really cheap. They are fantastic. You are soooo clever. (and of course so are your boys. But I meant, wow, I'm impressed that you are so arty with your kids. You're my role model!)

  3. Thanks Simone. You're sweet. Yeah I think they need framing too. You should try it, it's actually very easy and satisfying.


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