Friday, May 21, 2010

the art of cheese

He does look particularly cheesy, grinning out the window at me.  The 4yr old and cheese are usually not a good combination (unless you want to administer adrenaline (epipen) and call an ambulance).   So I was slightly apprehensive about taking him to a cheese factory and a cheese cafe!

A few weeks back we went to Puhoi, actually it was ANZAC weekend and the Puhoi pub (our intended destination) wasn't going to open till 1pm.  So we headed along the road to the Art of Cheese cafe. Mum and Dad (NanaD and Poppa) had been there before and I was relieved that it really wasn't all about the cheese.  Us adults drank coffee and the kids shared a phoenix juice and snacks from the backpack.
Really it was all about the awesome play hut and massive sandpit (BYO spades).  We sat at the picnic tables with our drinks and watched them play and play and play.  Then we went exploring by the pond and found great climbing trees, leaves for throwing and a bridge for some games of Billy Goats Gruff.  Since they were little it's been one of their favourite things to do.  We've played it under couch cushions at home, on many playgrounds and at various bridges when we're out and about.  Long may it last.

It really was a fun place for an outing and close to Wenderholm which is completely gorgeous (except for the camp ground that looked pretty rubbish).


  1. yay, looks like FUN!

  2. Grandpa9:13 AM

    Looks nice and relaxing - the boys play well together.
    I'm looking forward to my weekend with the boys as I'm sure M is looking forward too seeing the babies.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    A lovely day out. Wish we had it over again.


    NanaD & Poppa xx

  4. looks like a lovely place!!!
    thanks for your comment on my post,i would love to get my hands on more of those wee Japanese containers so thankyou! will have to hunt for that shop next time im in Auckland. ta x


so lovely to hear from you xx