Tuesday, May 25, 2010

getting the grumpies out

Winter seems to have made it's appearance around here this week.  Our 5yr old seems to have a case of the grumpies too (or maybe a seasonal disorder ;o)).  Especially on our way home from school.  Yesterday he was uber snappy and irritable with his brother. He  told me this morning that he'd rather stay home all the time because school was a bit boring!!!  Uh oh. This afternoon he sobbed over leaving his drink bottle at school, he was almost hysterical.  Turned out he had a bit of a falling out with one of his close friends at lunch time.  Anyway #2 had wanted to bake bread and so we had a whole lot of dough needing kneading and bashing at home.  Just what the doctor ordered for getting some of those grumpies out... and it made for a tasty dinner too, with the fish caught and smoked by B on Sunday.


  1. Grandpa7:06 AM

    Exercise is good for beating off the grumpies.
    Hope the rain goes away in the next few days and we can all have a good weekend.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Awwww bless x Love the dough thrashing to get the grumpies out! Hope the sun comes baaaaacccccckkkk sooooooooooon!!!!!


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