Friday, May 7, 2010

little chefs in the house

This morning I got down our two favourite (kids) cook books - Salad People and Pretend Soup.  The boys looked through them and chose a recipe or two each that they'd like to make.  Today it was "chewy energy circles".  Sort of a small round muesli bar.  You can make them a protein bar using soy protein powder but we're not so good on the soy around here so we didn't.  They're pretty healthy (as are all the recipes in these books) and so a couple of handfuls of (dairy free) chocolate chips made their way into the mixture too. 

We've made the crunchy granola and the  bagel faces have appeared on the blog before.  If you have these books or try any of the recipes please let me know how you get on.  Next on the list that the boys chose is sweet potato surprise, salad bar and bagel faces (both of those last two we've done before).  I just love how easy these books make it for me to assist the kids in cooking for themselves.


  1. Meg, you are a wonder. I love your cooking with kids and your gorgeous fun photos... would you be interested in letting us use some in The Book?? (credited to YOU of course)???

  2. Grandpa6:30 PM

    It's nice that the boys like to cook and that you are teaching them. A good independant thing for them to learn and do and it makes sure they wont go hungry.
    I'm cooking my tea now as nana Robyn is away on a girls weekend - I think it'd something like a boys fishing weekend ?

    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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