Friday, May 28, 2010

lunchbox apples

Our new tupperware lunchboxes don't fit a whole apple in them unless you cut it up.  We had a nude food mover lunch box (about $16) for kindy but one of the clips snapped off after less than 6mths use.  I was gutted so decided to get one with a lifetime guarantee (which was twice the price) rather than replace it with the same thing.  I have always been anti gladwrap and try to create as little waste as possible with the kids lunches so I love having compartments in lunchboxes.  Anyway back to the apples...

I was happy to discover these perfectly sized tiny ones at the supermarket and many do actually fit.  My friend goes to the Avondale markets every weekend for their fruit and veg and always gets tiny apples very cheaply.  We don't make the effort to get there more than once every year or so.

#2 loves helping in the kitchen.  He washed, rinsed and dried them before we put them in the fridge.  I keep all our produce in plastic boxes in the fridge and it keeps them so much fresher than the crisper/vege bins.  They're not those hugely expensive tupperware ones either.  I think they're sistema brand?  I have two in the size pictured and one which is twice as deep.


  1. Isn't it a bummer that an average sized apple doesn't fit in there, other than that those lunch boxes rock.

  2. Oh by the way bummer you can't make the crafting day! I hope I get enough people interested.

  3. Grandpa4:59 PM

    The new lunch are a good size for growing boys.
    Thanks for a lovely weekend - hope #1 has recovered from his bug and all is back to normal.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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