Sunday, May 23, 2010

my eyes don't glow in the dark

There was a wet bed incident early one morning (430am) recently.  The words out of the sleepy ones mouth were classic so I had to record them here...

"i haven't eaten enough carrots, my eyes don't glow in the dark"

"mum because i'm having a hot shower i need the fan on because it's so misty"

"mum can i stay in the shower till it's morning?"
the answer to that last one was an emphatic "no" from me.


  1. Grandpa12:08 PM

    Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Hey Meg

    Just had a big catch up on your blog. Lots of lovely stories. Hope you are all good.

    All well here. We had a first birthday party for Hannah last weekend ! Can't believe it. I am now back at work for two days a week so she has started daycare for those two days. All going well which is great. I wasn't really looking forward to sending her to daycare even though I thought that she would probably love hanging out with all of the other kids...which she does.

    Anyway, sending you lots of hugs. xxxxx

  3. Awww, bless! Well done on noting them down, so often I think, 'This is avgem, I must write this down to tell them when they're older,' but then all too often I sadly forget :(

    Hope you don't have too many more 4.30am wake up calls like that x


so lovely to hear from you xx