Tuesday, May 11, 2010

off sick

We had such a great day today. Not the day I had planned (running errands, shopping etc) but all in all it was good.  It started well around 6am with our lovely friends sharing breakfast with us.  They arrived late last night and the boys were very excited to know that they would be sharing their room with some new friends.  The kids got on really well once their initial shyness was overcome.  Sadly they had to leave early this morning and soon will be back on the other side of the globe.  Maybe we can skype them.  We headed to school on wheels today (rather than on foot), both boys are keen to get those training wheels off so we'll have to give that a go sometime (but not on the way to school!).  The big boy has a new(ish) backpack now, fits him much better than the massive one he started school with.
At school the little guy got to join in with the class library visit which he thought was pretty awesome.  They use these wooden "browsing paddles" which help the kids to remember where they got their book from and put it back in the right spot.  I get to pretend to be a librarian which I enjoy, and it's a way I can be a parent help without coming to listen to kids do reading (I don't know if I'd have the patience for that).  After a rather snotty library visit I decided that the big boy should really spend another day at home rather than sharing his germs, ick.  So his lovely teacher gave him his handwriting and story writing books to take home and work on.  I learnt about "compound sentences" as he included some in this story about the muffins we made yesterday.

By kindy pickup time he was much less snotty and quite chirpy really, wanting to take plastic bags so we could pick up rubbish on the way home.

We had a wee stop to watch some workmen pouring concrete up the road.  The boys weren't actually all that interested .   Is it funny that they've never been super into trucks and cars?  I almost forgot that we had morning tea at our local cafe with Simone too. Lovely.

Wow this is a long post!  Anyway when we got home the school boy wanted to make a surprise afternoon tea for us.  It involved baking popovers from the Pretend Soup book.  So I got out the ingredients , melted the dairy free margarine, and heated the oven.  Then while the little guy and I snuggled and read library books on our big bed, he made them all by himself!  I was very impressed and he was oh so proud.  There was a minor problem when he cracked one of the eggs and it went all over the place.  Luckily I had him working on a tray and could salvage most of it.  While they cooked for half an hour we all cuddled up and I read some very cool library books that I'd chosen yesterday.  We get books every week or two but don't usually spend such a concentrated period of time reading them.  Usually they read them by themselves and we have one as a bedtime story at night.  It was so lovely.  The popovers were really good and we gobbled them up.


  1. Grandpa7:16 AM

    What a great day you had - thanks for a lovely read before my busy day starts.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Lovely long post!! yippedy skip!
    Those popovers are very impressive. Can I borrow m sometime to make some for me??


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