Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what to do with sticky tape that won't stick

Crappy quality stuff really irks me, the sellotape this afternoon was a perfect example (no not sellotape brand).  #1 had a slightly complicated paper crafty thing that he wanted to make (and needed assistance with).  You were supposed to glue in all of the tabs but the last three tabs were impossible.  So we got out the sticky tape only to discover it wouldn't do the job it was intended for... arrrgghh!  As I was about to chuck it out I had a better idea.  I gave each boy an end (there were two dud rolls) and told them to run as far as they could away from me.  It was really fun :o)  Then I wrapped them in tape until we'd used it all up.  The getting unstuck part was fun too, until #2 freaked out a little and we had to grab the scissors to rescue him.


  1. Grandpa8:57 PM

    Very inventive and creative - I hope you got #1's crafty thing finished.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. You are magic with a camrea. Who would have ever thought that photos of unsticky tape could be so beautiful???

  3. Love your photograps, they really made me laugh and I'm glad you found a creative and fun use for the dud tape!

  4. This is so fun!! Just wanted to drop by and say that your boys are just SO lovely!! Your beautiful photos capture them so perfectly!


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