Wednesday, July 21, 2010

absolute bliss

The kindy guy and I had a wonderful morning tea today which almost had me crying. Didn't think a cafe would ever move me to tears! I went there with my Dad when he was in town lately and enjoyed a delicious coffee. It wasn't till later that I found out that it's a vegan cafe... that means DAIRY FREE!!!!! They do have milk and cream which they keep separately in case people want it, but none of the food will cause our sweet boy to have an anaphylactic reaction!

Anyone with an egg allergy would be able to eat there and they have gluten free options on the menu. Their philosophy is to make food so that everyone can eat together.  How wonderful.

Unless you have food allergies yourself (or your kids do) I'm quite sure you wouldn't understand how amazing it felt to let him choose freely from their yummy range of baked goodies. That's when I almost cried.

I did question them about the "butter" spread that they served with his passion fruit muffin but of course it was "oliviani" - vegan. Asking about ingredients is second nature these days and so it felt so strange and liberating. He got to share a bite of my chocolate truffle too, probably the first time that's ever happened. Ahhh Cosset how we love you.... we'll definitely be coming back.


  1. Hey Meg, that is Soooo cool!! So, Cosset, then for our next coffee catch-up??

  2. Grandpa8:39 PM

    I can imagine the joy you felt Megan for #2 and yourself. He is so good at understanding the food thing - I'm look forward to taking taking him there and you all this weekend.
    See you later on friday night
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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