Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fairytale night at the (canterbury) museum

Last night we went to the museum for a crazy night of fairytales and torch light.  It's on three more times during the holidays so if you're in Christchurch with littlies it's a bit of fun.  Not the easiest place to take photos though being in the dark!!  We found cinderella's glass slipper, rapunzel in the tower, the three bears house, an elf helping the shoemaker, a potion for alice, fairies and a huge dragon (dinosaur) skelleton.


  1. oooh I was thinking of taking my kids to this. Looks good!

  2. nanarobyn8:28 PM

    Yahoo, I can leave comments again about my gorgeous boys. XOXOXOXO

  3. DaddyB12:38 PM

    wish i'd been there, that looked cool! :D

  4. Sounds like a fabulous evening and I love the first photograph. We just watched the new 'Alice in Wonderland', which was good, but I really want to find the original film to watch with the children now. We didn't realize the new version was such a different story.


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