Saturday, July 17, 2010

helping her out

Our four year old adores his wee cousin.  He is constantly giving her smooches and wanting to hug her or pick her up.  We saw him helping her with her shoes the other night and she just lay there sweetly... for a while anyway.

He has always loved babies, sadly he's not destined to have younger brother or sister of his own.  He does however make up for it by stroking and kissing lots of other peoples little ones.


  1. nanarobyn1:17 PM

    Wow our house is quiet. Loved having you all here. Maddy loved having her big cousins here and called out for them when she arrived here this morning. Back to school and kindy today so there will be many quiet houses
    Love you XOXOXOXO

  2. ooo bless! That is so cute!

    We had my friend's wee boy over today while his mum went to an appointment. It was lovely seeing my youngest playing with a younger child too.
    You get to see some dynamics that you don't usually see because our younger ones are always with their older siblings. ;)


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