Thursday, July 15, 2010

school holidays

The school holidays have almost over already! We've had a full on time visiting our lovely families and making the most of the awesomeness that is the KidsFest in Christchurch.  We managed to see the Brass Band Academy, go to Fairytale Night at the Museum, do a scavenger hunt in the Botanic Gardens, go to a special library story time and the Playcentre Playfest yesterday.   #2 keeps wanting to be in all the photos these days.

Plus the boys have been whisked all over town (without me) to Science Alive, Willowbank and Clip n Climb.  Add that to three birthday parties and we're all in need of a rest I think!  It's been nice to be here so long and be able to spend a lot of time with our cousins and siblings.  Miss them already.


  1. love the suitcases and the nana and grandpa clause in your copywrite msg !!

  2. nanarobyn8:38 AM

    Good morning. It's a very quiet household here but I'm loving finding the odd piece of odd art, toy or book under a cushion or rug and especially fingerprints on windows and doors. Love those. Can't bear to put them (the toys/books)away just yet. We did have a lovely time and with the length of time you were here it made it easier for you to spread your yourselves around everybody. Already looking forward to Xmas!! Love you all and thankyou for visiting. XOXOXOXO


so lovely to hear from you xx