Sunday, October 10, 2010

the dl (download)

Don't you love it how sticking out your tongue helps with concentration?  It's been a while since the handbag camera (aka the G9) was cleared off so I made it my mission tonight. I found photos of Motat and the very cool new (old) double decker tram.  We didn't get to go on the tram but the cars were big fun for the kids.

Taken today outside Eden Park (we went for the opening day).  The kids very excited to see John Key and our new Mayor Len Brown.  If we were even slightly into sports there were a lot of famous players to grab autographs from.  Nope... our two just did a haka out the front.  Nice to see all of the "gold coin donations" going down south to help with the Canterbury earthquake appeal.

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  1. nanarobyn10:21 AM

    Wow, those carts look like so much fun. Do they have them for nanas as I'd love a go? It's great to get the support from Aucklanders for the EQ. Unless you're living in it and feeling it, it's hard to get how it really is down here. There are a lot of very stressed people waiting to see what their next move is. Physically everyone is fine, but......
    I'm on countdown till we come up. My bank balance of kisses and cuddles is low and needs a major deposit!
    Love you all XOXOXOXO


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