Thursday, October 28, 2010

winter of doom

Gosh that title may be a bit excessive but I am well and truly ready for some good health around here.  This winter we've all had a ridiculous number of coughs, colds and flus.  At one stage they thought I had pneumonia and I was sent off for a chest xray.  Right now I'm just recovering from yet another nasty, nasty head cold.  Got it Monday night and Tuesday and Wednesday were a write off.  Thank goodness for the lovely mummies in our neighbourhood.  I had five different mummy helpers over the two days, taking the boys to and from school and afternoon activities.  I've been surviving on Lemsips and much napping.  It was so horrid having beautiful weather and not having the energy to supervise the kids playing outside.  Bring on the weekend!!  Crossing my fingers that no one else gets this cold.

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