Sunday, November 28, 2010

A blissful Sunday so far...

Some prep work on the deck.  

Baked wonderful cinnamon rolls.  Can't you just smell the spice?
Have more photos to post and a recipe too.

Cooked a big pot of brown rice for salads and lunches (super organised!).

Ate some of those yummy rolls (with icing).

Lay in the hammock and read my Simplicity Parenting book.  Utter bliss.  Our umbrella is on it's very last legs and  we didn't have the shade sails up so I made do with the half shade and a bit of green muslin (play cloth) to cover my feet.

The boys rediscovered some old favourite toys, and made chocolate sand pies.

Deck is looking good with it's first coat of paint done and dry.

We found the last Smoove in the freezer (pink guava and coconut) and chopped it in half. 


Friends coming for a bbq and a game tonight so will be pretty much the perfect day.  Right then, off back outside now that I've cooled down a little bit (it's hot out!).  B just put up the shade sail so it'll be lovely.


  1. Loving your pics - especially the buns and hammock!!!

  2. Nice day alright!
    Please don't forget the recipe - they look good!

  3. Yum I want one too! lovely day for you sis! Love you xxxx

  4. Aww now I just wanna come on over and eat those buns. And lay in your hammock, or sit on your deck. I've been blog-readng and LOVE how you've been posting more with writing too!
    Feel like I haven't seen ya for AGES! What you up to tomorrow? Want to come to Dressmart and the Library cafe with me, MIL & Scrag??


so lovely to hear from you xx