Wednesday, November 17, 2010

don't you love it when...

 ...your plastics drawer is really tidy?  Mine doesn't look like this for long sadly.

I love my egg moulds,

and cute sauce containers,

oh yes, and these animal toothpicks.
I love Japanese kitchen stuff.

If you're in Auckland these are my fave Japanese stores in Queen Street (online store too wahoo!)

Do you know of any others that you'd recommend?


  1. mine never looks like that ... over here in Melbourne we just got a Daiso store, its massive, Japanese and every single item is $2.80 !!! awesome stuff, going to fill the christmas the stockings this year :)

  2. you have the cutest plastics drawer that I've ever seen.
    mine is a lethal cupboard that steals matching lids from containers forever into a black abyss...


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