Monday, November 15, 2010

growing up too quickly!!

So I can't believe it's that time already.  We're off to meet the (lovely) principal today and fill out all of those school enrolment forms!  Speaking of which I need to go and find his birth certificate hmmmm......


  1. That kid is too delicious. I can't believe it's school enrolment time already!! xx

  2. Cute cute CUTE little guy you have!!

  3. Grandpa7:02 PM

    Nearly a big school boy ! Looking forward to the weekend with you all L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  4. nanarobyn7:32 PM

    Gorgeous boy. Where have the last 5 years gone? Both boys at school' you're soon to be entering a whole new era. 4 more sleeps to go before you're down, yay.
    Love you XOXOXOXO

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  6. Ooooo...can you email me re. something blog-geeky? My email's linked to my profile.
    ...I'm here after reading Sarah's praise for you over at BobbyRobin.


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