Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i wanna be robin!

Yesterday this wee one decided that he wanted to be Robin (Batman's sidekick) for today's kindy superhero and fairy party.

I did a bit of google research and scrounged an old red tee from the about to be given to charity box.  Some embroidery thread, felt and hot glue and it was done (although it seemed to take me forever!).  The cape is one of our play cloths, they really do get a lot of use.

After last years Power Man (invented character) mask mission, we both decided a face paint mask would be much easier and more comfortable too.  I imagine his face might be a huge mess when I go to collect him but I don't mind.  I found last years photo for a comparison.  His hair has grown so fast!.  Last years costume was made from an old shirt of B's which I chopped up and added velcro at the neck.


  1. Fabulous costumes! I love the photos so much!

  2. I love that costume! You're so clever!

  3. Grandpa9:14 PM

    No2 looks just the part - great costume and photo L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  4. Poppa9:17 PM

    Such great creativity - bet he just loved wearing it to the party.


  5. Crazy Nana11:20 PM

    How do his eyes go like that . but what a darling. Love from NanaD


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