Wednesday, November 3, 2010

love letters

 A sweet letter and a drawing from a sweet girl.  He read it and then put it away in his mail envelope.  We made it a long time back now, from an old canteen bandana and a pattern from the SouleMama book.  The boys have one each which they keep all their mail in.  Big brother was re-reading old letters recently and told me "I'm rewinding my memories" so cute.  I think it's called Ezra's Letter satchel from the Handmade Home book.


  1. I love the envelope - very cute!

  2. Grandpa5:33 PM

    What a great thing to do - along with all of the lovely photos you have taken the boys will have a fantastic history of their early years. We all need to write letters more often - they are so much nicer that emails ( Message to self ! ) L & C Grandpa xxooxx


so lovely to hear from you xx