Friday, November 19, 2010

making granola and a wee rant

When all the mixing is done by hand there's a fair amount of licking required at the end!

And just a wee whinge about advertising and McDonalds... at kindy today I noticed a huge poster had just been put up advertising a free magic show.  Mostly what I noticed though (and I'm sure all the children would have as they wouldn't be able to read) was Ronald McD and his buddies in all their bright coloured glory.  I understand that marketing to kids is probably their main advertising objective - creating life long customers (with the happy meals, toys, playgrounds, free burger vouchers and certificates they hand out at kids soccer games etc).

We work pretty hard at keeping our kids away from as much advertising as possible (we record tv and skip the ads or watch dvds) and so I was not impressed with McD's ability to infiltrate the kindy!  Needless to say the poster is no longer up and I even phoned the store in question to complain (so not like me!).  

Grrrrrr McDonalds, bugger off and leave our kiddies alone! (please)
What do you think?


  1. i absolutely agree with you and good for you for calling! we enjoyed a farm fair this summer and all of a sudden there is 'ronald' all dressed up handing out coupons and posing for photos!!! i should not have been shocked i suppose, yet when my children were enjoying a spot in the fair they set up for kids to wash laundry in a galvanized bucket and hand pump and then hang it out on the child sized clothesline while dreaming of life on the farm it was quite shocking to look up to see the face of this corporation waving and smiling. i was quite angry to see this! I felt the same way you described and shook my head that he needed to infiltrate the farm festival. the piece that puzzled me was that many were lining up happy to see him, are so many really fooled by the clown suit and smile and miss what he truly symbolizes!?

  2. Grandpa8:55 PM

    I'm with you on this one - Grandpa xxooxx

  3. I agree with you. I get quite overwhelemd at what the kiddies are facing now days. And fast food is fast food, no natter what weight loss program they align themselves with!

  4. Magic show? That is a little much!!!

    I just had homeade granola at my friends house yesterday & it was pure heaven!!! Your kiddos look adorable making theirs!!!


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