Thursday, November 25, 2010

more creative play

I love watching their wee brains at work making up imaginary games.  This time the play cloths were used to build nests.  Magnetic balls were used as eggs and the boys took turns sitting on them waiting for them to hatch.  I'm reading a brilliant book called Simplicity Parenting.  It's pretty much about kids having less stuff, less clutter, less books, less toys, less scheduled activities, less information (news, Internet, adult concerns) and them having more space to play, to be, to grow up.  It's quite inspiring.  Have already done a massive cull on their books which I might see if Starship would like.  We've put some toys on trade me too, all proceeds are going towards a family trip to Rainbows End.  It's $150 for a family so it may take a while!!

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  1. That book sounds awesome. I hate too many toys and "noise clutter" too from TV and DVDs. Argh.


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