Thursday, December 2, 2010

morning issues...

Okay so I know that my blog is usually all pretty photos and not much else but I was just making this thing (explained below) and B said "I bet you're gonna blog that" and I thought "nope it's not pretty enough".  Boring huh?

My blog originally contained all sorts of photos, from all sorts of cameras not just the good one.  Then I started doing some professional photography work and thought that I'd better just post my best pictures... and that I really shouldn't complain or be miserable or generally be my real self.  Like I had to be flawless or something.

I've pretty much stopped all sorts of professional photography now.  I do an occasional job for a magazine but that's about it.  And you know what, it feels so good.  As much as I love photography I didn't love the business of photography and it took a while to realise that no matter how much time I gave it, that wasn't going to change.

So now my littlest is almost off to school and I'm wondering about where my life will head.  As much as I love editing and miss my work at TV3 the hours will never be family friendly.  I really want to be here for our boys after school and for dinner at night.  I'm leaning strongly towards Early Childhood Education, to being a kindy teacher.  I'm going to see if I can do a few days work experience in a couple of different centres to make sure if it's the right thing for me.  I realise that I'm in such a lucky position to be able to retrain and start a different career.  That I don't have to rush out and grab a job and put the kids in after school care.  I'm so tired and waffling that I mightn't even end up posting this.  But it's honest at least even if waffley.

So the original point of this post (which got massively sidetracked!!) was to show you the photo list that I just made for the kids to get stuff done in the mornings.  I've been grumping at them a lot this week and been getting stressed out about getting out of the house.  I know that me getting cranky does nobody any good.

I let them take photos of each other yesterday (they were up at 545am so we had time!) doing their morning things and have printed and laminated them so that they can cross them off with a white board pen.  If you want to see it bigger just click on it.  Will let you know how it goes.  My hope is that it might help the little guy to get things done without being asked a million, zillion times.  I really must go to bed now.  Would love to hear from you if you read this far!!!

(editied to add photo of boys using list on Friday morning.)


  1. Cool list - have been meaning to do this for ages...let me know how it goes.
    Sounds like exciting times ahead. I love ece - worked part-time before moving up here. I'm not trained though, but was lucky enough to work in a centre where my parenting experience and ideas were valued x
    ps. LOVe the co-op ice creams. And their pizzas are amazing too (on the menu for dinner tonight in fact!!

  2. I do like rambly posts really, people just spilling their minds out a bit, like having a cup of tea and a chat :)
    Cool idea for the kids - we need one for night time, they drive me nuts trying to get through everything in order to get them into bed!

  3. Great list! We've gone through phases of needing one too - and will need one again when bubs is older. I love the idea of using photos to illustrate the list.

    I enjoy your photographs on your blog, but it's lovely to read a bit about 'you' too :) Wishing you all the best with your future career decision (I ended up having 'number 3' to put off answering that question for a little longer...!). I really would love to find a career that's family friendly in the end too... not many around though - I suspect education is where I'm heading too.

    All the very best with whatever you decide.

  4. Poppa8:22 PM

    A lovely read and I hope that the "wee guy" manages the photo list - great idea!!

    Kindy or primary? Primary can also do intermediate and then perhaps have the option of high school later if you want it....can jsut go and teach a single subject part-time if needed. Still it is a matter of what you love to do.

    Keep on with the blog and think of future possibilities.


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