Thursday, February 3, 2011

if you like to eat sprouts... need one of these!!  Mine was only $14 when I bought it (quite a long time ago now) but it'so much better than the mesh one I had before.  Or perhaps I'm just better at using it these days.  The boys like to eat the sprouts and to help to grow them too.  Sprouts are always good as hair on bagel faces too!


  1. Meg. Your sprouts are cute. But I hate sprouts, so never mind.
    BUT how are you today, mummy of TWO school boys???
    I am a neglectful freind, I should have rang you and taken you for coffee...?!

  2. Ok- that's good to know. I usually just sprout in jars, but if this is worth the money I just may get one...


so lovely to hear from you xx